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    Thumbnail(A report on the UPF Bromley event to commemorate the UN Day of Remembrance of The Victims of Slavery & The Transatlantic Slave Trade on 25.03.11) Paraphrasing the well-known saying from the French historian, Alexis de Tocqueville speaking of America, Ted O’Grady stated in his opening address: “Great Britain is great because Great Britain is good, […]

  • Words from the manager (Chigo Ahunanya): “So Mind Body United is now almost at the end of it’s 2nd season and even though it has not always been easy, we have managed to learn a lot and become a stronger and better team. We currently have 32 registered players which is a great accomplishment and are still […]

  • ThumbnailOur second CARP service of the year commenced on the 28 th November in Lancaster Gate, with brothers and sisters attending from all over London and beyond (around 70 in total). The days have been growing colder, frost has started to settle and our scarves and gloves have become regulars in our wardrobes. However, upon entering Lancaster […]

  • ThumbnailDear HARP members and parents, I am writing to inform you of a valuable upcoming opportunity and invite you to participate in an ‘Ilshim’ ceremony – a ceremony for adolescent youth to receive purity education and make a commitment to a pure lifestyle, represented by receiving a Purity ring. It is being organised by the South […]

  • Thumbnail The first CARP service of this year took place yesterday at Lancaster Gate, inviting many brothers and sisters from ages 18 and over to take part in worship, together as a CARP community. Being the first in a long time, there was definitely some anticipation about how well the service would be attended and received, […]

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    The children’s Summer Camp for 2010 will be held at Cleeve House from Tuesday July 27th to Monday August 2nd.

    Details and the application form are available HERE.

    Please return completed forms by post to:

    Chris Le Bas, 17 Jubilee Close, Pinner HA5 3TB

    or contact Chris

  • Thumbnail Dear Brothers and Sisters, Above are the graphs for the year so far. Whilst they tell some of the picture they don’t tell all of it. Below are some of the main points so far. 1)      We’ve paid off about £30,000 worth of debt in February. This was from monies that were due in last […]

  • This is an invitation to our second regional workshop. The motto is ‘Where are we now?’ It gives you a chance to look at the things you have done all year, what you have achieved, what you’ve improved on etc. The workshop will be for 11 plus years. From Friday 28th May until Sunday 30th May.The cost will […]

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    Thumbnail It was a decidedly Autumnal day as we left Birmingham for the 2 hour drive down to Cleeve House, myself, my wife Patricia and daughter Natasha. Leaves were racing across the local park in regimental lines, and then suddenly swooshing up into the air in swirling, dancing spirals. No different on the M5 motorway, as we hurtled […]

  • ThumbnailThe Il Shim; One Heart – One Mind programme aims to educate youth about purity. It is part of a new effort to establish ‘Rights of Passage’ for young people – beginning from early Sunday school lasting until the Blessing. It also aims to support youth through the ups and downs of growing up and educate […]

  • Thumbnail We are currently looking for a few second generation to come join the community at Boyne raod for the next academic year. The house is located in zone 2 and is about 5 min walk to the nearest shopping centre and train station making the daily commute relativly cheap and painless (well, for London anyway) […]

  • Thumbnailby Chris Jubb On the evening of Saturday 22nd August South London community held a welcome home dinner reception for our recent STF graduates: Samuel Read (2yrs STF and returning for third year), Ritatsu Thomas (2yrs STF), Keishin Barrett (1yr STF & 1yr YSI), Kenneth Read (1yr STF), Toby Dracup & Felix Dracup (1yr STF each […]

  • ThumbnailThen we may have an ideal situation for you. We are currently looking for a few second generation to come join the community at Boyne raod for the next academic year. The house is located in zone 2 and is about 5 min walk to the nearest shopping centre and train station making the daily commute […]

  • Thumbnailby Cecilie Fortune Sunday 16th August, our South London community gathered in a beautiful spot to worship God, have fellowship and picnic. There could be no better setting than this to hear the wonderful passages Nigel Barrett read from Father’s autobiography. We could truly experience God in our midst and all around us. It was also […]

  • hi everyone This is the final report from the 21-day DP workshop in Rome.  The workshop has now concluded, culminating in a beautiful graduation ceremony on the evening otrthe final day.  This workshop was a victory, not just as a whole but I do believe also a victory for every single individual on the workshop, […]

  • Thumbnailhi everyone The 21-day workshop is nearly over.  The participants here have made a huge effort to be here, dedicating 3 weeks of their lives for an intense period of time.  They came with many different motivations and from many different backgrounds, but with time and effort, a group of strangers became a family.  The peace […]

  • This is the 4th part of our mini report from Matthew Huish on the ‘Rebel for a Cause’ 21 day workshop in Rome. Just in case you were ever in doubt about the quality of the content delivered on this workshop, the squad of lecturers on our workshop has been truly heavyweight: David Hanna, Armando […]

  • Thumbnail Philip Brouard and Adrian Lee, along with Diego D’addio and Anna Mariotto, took up the challenge to enter the competition and design a scheme, in what is an inhospitable part of the world, to symbolize peace and unity. The proposal is to connect the north American and Asian continents over the 80 km of the […]

  • by Russel Gough On Saturday the 11th July, our local residents association organised a Fun Day for residents and friends of the estate where we live. Paul Burstow, the local LibDem MP, gave an opening speech thanking the organisers and relaying his best wishes for the days events. The program was also supported by several […]

  • ThumbnailHi everyone I’m sure you’d be happy to find out that the 21-day DP workshop here in Rome is well represented by Brits. Amongst the participants/staff are Sophie Redihough, Victor Bidard, Takao Kobayashi, Samuel Read and Robert Haines. So far we’ve completed three full days of lectures. Since the schedule can be quite intense, we like […]

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