Cleeve House Youth Program (CHYP)

Have you got a free month and looking for an opportunity to gain some experience?


Work experience and education
There are many areas for people to contribute in Cleeve House. These include: building renovation and construction, landscaping and grounds maintenance, house maintenance, and opportunities for creative initiative.

Religious/spiritual growth
Cleeve House is a unique place where you can challenge yourself and grow internally while directly helping the church by developing one of its properties.

Team work
Cleeve House is a wonderful environment to make friends and work together with a brilliant group of dedicated people!

The daily schedule at Cleeve House varies depending on what types of events are booked in throughout the year. However, the basic schedule will consist of a 6 day week, with 1 free day a week. There will be a staff meeting everyday to discuss the current activities and projects.
For information call (+44) 1380827129

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